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1: Please only one membership for each e-mail-address.
    2: Honesty, fairplay, politeness is a duty!
      3: All mods that change the balance power between subs and mods are forbidden. Allowed mods only are: PM0.15, PM1.03, DD-sonar-mod, 1024 mod for SH2.
        2. GAMES:

        4: each version of the games is allowed.
          5: Always play with 100% realism (all parameters have to be set to "ON" except "Radar")
            6: The winner of a game will please write a report and post it to the topic "reports" so that the other players can check it.
              7: Only "(ADV-STAT)" maps can be scored. There's no limit of the number of scored games per player.
                8: You have to use time compression at the beginning of the game. If you want to attack your enemy, you must reset it to 1x, at least at a distance of 5000 yards/meters! If you don't attack, just keep the time compression.
                  9: If one team destroyed the other team, the game must be continued for exactly 25 minutes (game time) and stopped after that. Everything what happens within these 25 minutes counts for the score.
                    10: A killed player mustn't help or harm his team or his foes, but he may watch the game.
                      11: Cheating is strictly forbidden!
                        12: It's not allowed to leave the game as long as you're alive. The host has to keep the game open until it's over, even if he was killed (only when using v1.1).
                          13: It's not allowed to abuse the software bug that allows a DD to hit a sub that's deeper than periscope depth with its deck guns!
                            14: In scored games it's not allowed for DDs to set the torpedo depth greater than 8-10 feet (that's the default setting).
                              15: If the last player of a team has a disconnect, the game usually can't be scored. Write a report though we will decide then.
                                3. STANDARD PUNISHMENT:

                                A player who hurts the rules will be considered as killed - and he will be punished by a tonnage loss of 28000 tons. Different punishments are possible.
                                  4. HELP:

                                  If you have problems please check the FAQs in the forum or ask other members or players they will help you.

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