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        Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command

                Our most popular games are Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command. Actually more players do play SH2 than DC.
                And each of them has worked out his own tactics.
                If you have got any questions or problems you may contact our members and ask them, we will always try to help you.
                It is exciting to identify with a sub-commander and try to escape from the destroyers with their depth-charges and torpedoes. And it is more exciting, to hit some of the convoy-ships with your own torpedoes and to sink them.

                      But the same happens when you start a game as a destroyer-commander and try to spot the hidden and submerged subs, to find them, to ping the depth and to attack them without getting hit by one of their torpedoes….
                        You may play all available versions of the games here. Each of your missions will be reported and get scored.
                          Enjoy your dogfights !!!


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